Tulsa Air & Space Museum & Digital Planetarium


Tulsa, OK

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General Construction


Graber Architects


Tulsa Air & Space Musuem

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Tulsa's Vision 2025 program provided funds for the relocation and expansion of the museum. The new location, adjacent to Mohawk Park, quadruples the capacity of the original location and houses additional meeting rooms, a main hall, four classrooms, a hands-on learning center, an audio-visual theater, space physics laboratory and an enlarged library and teacher resource center.

The Planetarium's sound system is the second of its kind in a working planetarium. At 6,600 square feet, this fast-track project was completed within six months. The exterior of the theater is comprised of single scored block while the rest of the exterior is structural steel with metal panels. The theatre interior is carpeted for sound and the remaining interior is metal studs and drywall. The theater portion was completed in just 120 days as the dome/sound system company, had to start installation of the planetarium dome.