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Understanding the total cost of a project before its built is information you can take to the bank. Oakridge has the support of an extensive database of historical costs analysis they use to generate early estimates, allowing owners to make key decisions about their facilities. Since no project or client is alike, we customize our processes to meet the unique requirements of each project. As designs progress, the estimates become more refined and closer to a final dollar amount, so on bid day, there are no surprises. Oakridge professionals look for ways to save money and offer suggestions throughout the preconstruction process that keep a project in budget. 
 On time and in budget – that’s the Oakridge way. With Construction Management (CM), contractors are selected based on qualifications and past experience. Every facility has unique needs – a hospital’s requirements are different from a schools, and the approach to constructing a community center is different when building an airline hangar. The CM method of selecting a contractor is your insurance policy that you’re getting the right team for your project. Our CM services allow clients to retain control of the project while placing day-to-day construction decisions and dealings with subcontractors in the experienced hands of Oakridge team. When we reduce the time it takes to complete the project, our clients receive significant savings in loan interest, materials procurement and other costs.
The Design-Build delivery system is structured to put clients in the driver's seat. With Oakridge working in tandem with the architect from the outset of a project, we are able to efficiently design and build your facility within a smaller timeframe than traditional construction methods. Our clients receive a guaranteed maximum price so they know exactly what they are going to get and what it’s going to cost. Since construction runs concurrently with the design process, as drawings are developed, Oakridge works with the owner and designers to define the function, budget and schedule. Another benefit of utilizing the Design-Build method of construction is that the contractor serves as the single point-of-contact for design and construction, streamlining communication. 
General Contracting, also referred to as Design-Bid-Build, has been the backbone of Oakridge business model since opening our doors in the 1980s. Using this traditional approach to construction – where one phase is completed before another phase begins – we have delivered high quality facilities to happy customers time after time, creating a loyal base of repeat clients. Having constructed hundreds of projects in the region, Oakridge also provides clients with the intrinsic knowledge of knowing the right subcontractors for each project, area conditions and permitting requirements. Our General Construction services are a cost effective and efficient way to construct your facility.